Village Boutique is Atlanta's premier shop for traditional & contemporary African designer clothing for men, women and children. Unique designs include mudcloth, brocade, batik, kente, boubou and more.  Our designers are ready to create your signature tailored garments - a unique Village Boutique service.

During a trip to Ghana in 1992, Village Boutique owner Dora Okrah began designing clothing as gifts for friends.  Not long after, buzz began to generate on quality, color and style of Dora's designs and the concept for Village Boutique was born.  The vision for the Village Boutique features high-end fashions created exclusively with authentic African prints.  With this vision, Okrah ordered samples and launched the business.  Under Dora Okrah's strategic guidance, Village Boutique has grown from a modest home-based business to boutique locations in Memphis and Atlanta and loyal online customers around the world. 
More than just a typical boutique experience, Dora brings both a educational and personalized approach to her customer's shopping experience.  

"People have a perception of what it means to wear African clothing," says owner Dora Okrah "We try to learn and cater to each customer's individual style. Our customers learn all about the many options/styles of both traditional and contemporary African fashion"

Dora's unique shopping experience infused with African advocacy evolved into requests for educational workshops at churches, schools and community centers.  The workshops are interactive and offer an appreciation for African clothing and culture through interactive activities, discussions, short films, ethnic food tastings and fashion presentations. 
Dora Okrah created unique designs for the 2003 album cover for the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church Choir, Memphis Tennessee's largest African American Protestant congregation. Which later became the inspiration for the Village Boutique's custom brand of preaching robes.
The boutique has been featured in the African and Caribbean Star newspapers in Atlanta, and she was a featured guest at a recent event for the local chapter of the National Council of Negro Women. She has been a personal stylist for several celebrities, such as Judge Joe Brown, actors Morgan Freeman, Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee, former US Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher and many African Methodist Episcopal bishops and other clergy.
Since 1993, the Village Boutique has been the premier location for unique traditional and contemporary African clothing and accessories. We offer a diverse selection of your favorite afro-centric styles. Whether you are looking for batik or kente fabrics, lace caftans, mudcloth shawls, or gele headwraps the Village Boutique has it!